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The Timeless Magic of Radio Flyer

There are very few brands as iconic and timeless as Radio Flyer. Since 1917, Radio Flyer’s “Little Red Wagons” have been a treasured part of many childhoods. To a small child, a red wagon can be many things. It can be a passenger cart, ready to haul you along a neighborhood sidewalk, expertly guided by a trusted parent. It could also be a transport carrier, ready to move toys, interesting rocks or even a frog or two from one side of a yard or a park to another. For many children, a Radio Flyer product is their first vehicle, and with their Radio Flyer many experience the freedom, adventure and convenience that a personal vehicle provides for the very first time.

Over the decades, Radio Flyer began releasing other popular products that incorporated the same timeless design elements and superb craftsmanship, including a classic tricycle, the popular “Inchworm” toy, and a sturdy wooden sled. Special products were introduced, such as a blue wagon made for The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950s and an Evel Knieval-inspired “muscle car” wagon produced in the 1970s. The “Quad Shock Wagon”, Radio Flyer’s first all-terrain wagon, was released in the 1990s to answer the growing popularity that decade’s sport utility vehicles. 2007’s “Ultimate Family Wagon” even won a Chicago Innovation Award. Radio Flyer products have been featured in many movies and television shows, including a 1992 feature film that adopted the iconic name.

Today, KazooToys.com has a great selection of Radio Flyer products available, from the classics to newly-designed products that your child will sure to love, just as children for almost 100 years have loved their own Radio Flyer wagons! You, your parents and even your grandparents will cherish the memory of pulling your little one along in a Radio Flyer wagon; you may even remember a time when someone pulled you along in exactly the same way.

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